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Why Choose Lifetime Dental as Your Family Dentist?

State of the Art Technology

At Lifetime Dental we utilize Digital X-Rays, which require 90% less exposure to X-Rays over the traditional method, offering increased safety to you and your family. And your children don’t need worry about those “scary” dental tools exploring their mouth.

Additionally, we utilize a Laser Cavity Finder that has the unique ability to detect those sneaky cavities traditional techniques may miss, allowing us to identify and treat cavities in the earliest stages for better prevention. This saves you Time and Money by providing shorter and more conservative treatment options. Better to catch a cavity early, than pay for a root canal later.

Spa Like Experience

The Lifetime Dental Care team invites you to come for a relaxing visit as our guest. Our tranquil Mediterranean style rooms overlooking the beautiful Columbia Basin create a highly calming environment that is designed to enhance your experience at Lifetime Dental Care.

As our guest, you’ll be pampered with your own massage chair. For ideal comfort, you can choose your favorite massage setting, from a gentle rolling massage or a vigorous deep tissue massage – it’s up to you.

If you enjoy aromatherapy, you might like a warm, soothing lavender neck roll to further stimulate all five senses and help you slip into total relaxation. Lavender is well known for its health and relaxation benefits.

During your paraffin hand wax treatment, the wax will be gently slipped on your hands at the beginning of your visit, covered with soft terry cloth gloves, and then massaged off at the end. Paraffin treatments can give you softer, more youthful skin, and can also increase blood flow, improve joint stiffness and reduce pain.

Once you’re settled in, the dentist chair can become your own personal entertainment center. Each room is equipped with a personal chair-side flat screen monitors so that you can enjoy your favorite television show or movie.

Your comfort is important to us. Let us pamper you with spa treatment at Lifetime Dental Care and give you the dental experience of your lifetime…

Know Your Are Dealing With the Best!

Selected as Best Dentist in the Tri-Cities for the last 4 years in the annual Tri-City Herald People’s Choice Awards.

Take Your Dental Experience to the Next Level

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