Like digital X-ray imaging, the iTero® intraoral scanner generate an instant in-depth look at what is going on with your oral health. This quick and precise imaging process aims to help you better understand issues you are experiencing and support the treatment plans you decide to implement.

Generating images or videos with an iTero® intraoral scanner is just as painless as digital X-ray imaging and can be used quickly in the office. Lifetime Dental Care uses iTero® intraoral scanners to help you and our dental team better manage and maintain your oral health.

What is an iTero® intraoral scanner?

An iTero® intraoral scanner is a device used to take images or videos of the inside of your mouth. Its special design allows dental professionals to easily capture images or videos of the most hard to reach areas.

While mirrors and digital X-ray images can give you an idea of what is going on, generating images and videos with an iTero® intraoral scanner is a fast, safe, and easy way to get a closer and more detailed look of areas inside your mouth. We have found that our patients at Lifetime Dental Care appreciate being able to review pictures and videos to get a better look at the areas that we are discussing.

Why should I have images or videos taken with an iTero® intraoral scanner?

Inform Decisions

By being able to instantly upload and enlarge images and videos of the inside of your mouth, we can help you get a better idea of your own personal oral health. You can then make more informed decisions on how to move forward with your dental care.

Insurance Approvals

With your consent, copies of the images and videos captured with the iTero® intraoral scanner can be sent to your insurance company to help them determine coverage and compensation for treatments.

Dental Procedures

Sometimes it is difficult for the dentist, oral surgeon, or dental hygienist to see all the parts of your mouth that need to be treated. iTero® intraoral scanners can be used to conduct microdental procedures and enable dental professionals to be more precise and thorough.

Record Keeping

Images generated from iTero® intraoral scanners are useful to keep in your file to track and document changes. They can be referenced to better recognize improvements or adverse shifts in your oral health.

When can I have images or videos taken with an iTero® intraoral scanner?

One of the benefits of taking images or videos with an iTero® intraoral scanner is that they can be done quickly in the office and do not require a referral.

From using iTero® intraoral scanners, our team at Lifetime Dental Care is well-versed at capturing detailed images and videos. We have found iTero® intraoral scanners to be great tools for working with our patients to find the treatment plans that worked best for them.

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