Preventative Dental Care


What is Preventative Dental Care?

Preventative dental care are the steps one takes (or should take) to keep his or her teeth in optimal condition. Things like teeth brushing and flossing, using a fluoride treatment, eating nutritious foods, and going for regular dentist check-ups ensure small issues don’t become large, painful and expensive problems.

Why is Preventative Dental Care Important?

Most of us know that brushing and flossing after meals helps prevent the buildup of damaging and unsightly plaque and tooth decay.

For this reason, brushing and flossing are a great foundation for good oral health.

But with genetics and some environmental factors, even the most diligent at-home care can sometimes lead to unexpected issues – and even regular brushing can’t achieve the same results as deep cleaning by a dental professional. The result? A small weakness in the tooth or gums that can lead to an extremely painful infection, abscess, cavity, etc. These problems don’t go away on their own! Instead, they can become a costly root canal, surgery or even tooth removal.

Perhaps more importantly, research has shown a direct correlation between dental problems and serious, life-threatening illness like heart disease, diabetes and premature birth.

Taking steps to keep teeth and gums healthy – including regular check-ups by a dentist – is the only way to ensure you’re keeping your whole body in the best health possible.

At the Office: Preventative Dental Care with a Dentist’s Treatment


During your first visit, the dentist will look in your mouth to evaluate your oral health. After that, dental   x-rays will probably be taken to gauge what’s beneath the surface of the enamel and under the gums. A dental hygienist might also clean your teeth with special brushes and small tools. Then the dentist will make recommendations on how to move forward, including a suggested schedule for follow-up care and number of dental visits per year – generally between one and three, depending on your personal risks for dental disease, dental history and the amount of intervention the dentist needs to do.

These preventative dental care measures are a great way to feel great and smile beautifully for years to come!

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