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Good Dental Health for Children Begins With Good Dental Habits

Although some parents assume that because baby teeth will eventually fall out there’s little point in having them examined by a dentist, that’s a big mistake. Even though you can’t see them, your child’s permanent teeth are developing under his/her baby teeth, and it’s important to have a dentist check to make sure that everything is developing properly.

Ideally, your child should go to the dentist by his/her first birthday, but it’s generally fine to wait a few months longer. Putting off your child’s first dental visit any longer that that, however, increases your child’s risk for having to deal with plaque buildup or cavities during his/her first visit. The earlier you take your child in to the dentist, the more familiar your child will be with dentistry, so it won’t be as intimidating for him/her. You should definitely keep familiar with your child’s mouth, and if you see any change in the teeth (discoloration, dark spots, etc.), you should take your child to see the dentist!

During your child’s first visit, the dentist will check for decay and examine your child’s gums, jaw, and bite. The dental care team may clean your child’s teeth, or they may save that for the next visit. The dentist will talk to you about good oral hygiene habits, and you will get the chance to ask about any concerns you may have about your child’s teeth.

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Help your child learn to develop good dental hygiene by bringing him/her in to see our dedicated and compassionate staff early and regularly – contact us today to schedule an appointment!